Facade Signing

There is no need to explain that an office building or store façade that has been properly lit attracts the attention of potential buyers. The standstill value for the (shop) audience is large and in addition to an attention-enhancing value it can also be an informative character. Large strategic advertisements and campaigns are shown in the most diverse ways to strengthen the image.

BVH Display has been supplying all these facilities to various market areas for over 35 years. We produce, assemble and maintain (illuminated) facade inscriptions in a variety of formats, color, design and typography. In addition, we print (large) format banners of various types of canvas with the accompanying diversity of frames. Every application requires a different discipline and technique! Our machine park is equipped with modern laser and milling equipment and our flatbed and rollers provide a colorful result.

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Facade signing

Emboss your entire façade at one address

In consultation we offer you the entire process, from concept design phase up to and including the production, delivery and installation of your signage. Feel free to contact us for advice on what works best for your project. Our project managers and design experts are able to give your strategy the right impulse to increase inspiration!